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About Arabian Info Tech

Having the right skills is vitally important in today’s competitive job market. With Arabian Info-Tech, you’re assured of learning up-to-date career skills that will prepare you for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Our staff is continually monitoring advances in the field and updating our programs to reflect the most modern methods used in today’s workplace. You’ll learn much more than the latest techniques. You’ll also learn about opportunities in your chosen field and get important tips on achieving your career goals. Many of our programs also feature “hands-on” experience with today’s technology. The success of our students proves that Arabian Info-Tech training works. It is designed for busy people who know what they want out of life, but don’t have the time to attend classes. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Arabian Info-Tech:
  • Affordable Tuition – You can train for a new career with Arabian Info-Tech at a price that won’t break your budget. Your books, equipment, and learning aids are included in your affordable tuition price.
  • Convenience – The lessons and learning aids you need to complete your training are sent right to your home. There’s no commute to classes, no need to rearrange your schedule. Study where and when you choose, and still have time for your family and social life.
  • Reliability – You’ll benefit from training with the world’s leader in at-home education. Arabian Info-Tech training methods have helped men and women to better jobs and better lives for over a century. When you enroll with Arabian Info-Tech, you can be certain of receiving high-quality education that could help you get where you want to go.
  • Support – Even though you learn one or two years back, you’re never alone. You can be assured of getting all the help you need from your instructors, consultants, and the rest of our dedicated staff when you need it. When you have a question, help is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Arabian Info-Tech Mission Statement

There’s never been a better time to start working toward a new career or business of your own. And you can start immediately – today if you want. Once your enrollment application is received and processed, then you will be getting a confirmation about the classes. When you’re ready to enroll, simply follow the steps provided on this website. It’s easy to get started. All of us at Arabian Info-Tech look forward to helping you get the career training you need to get ahead in life. Enroll today – and take the next step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Arabian Info-Tech Institutional Goals

  • Provide educational programs that enable self-motivated, independent learners to acquire core competencies in their chosen technical and professional fields.
  • Employ contemporary learning strategies based on academic standards of good practice.
  • Develop and maintain systems that optimize student opportunities for broadly participative, interactive learning.
  • Establish and communicate high standards of academic performance for students and the institution
  • Assess student learning and institutional effectiveness systematically in order to improve student performance
  • Provide an extensive suite of student support services based on student needs and interests
  • Conduct fiscally responsible planning that balances the institution’s commitment to academic excellence with its concern for profitable financial performance
The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with appropriate prior education to enroll in programs without regard to race, religion, gender, age, color, national origin, or physical disability. The school regularly assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievement of its institutional goals through ongoing studies of student learning, measurement of student satisfaction, and evaluation of career outcomes of graduates.

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