HVAC Designing and training in UAE

HVAC training in Abu Dhabi & across the UAE, introduces qualified experts with professional skills in mechanical engineering to HVAC teaching and design courses.

Looking to expand your knowledge and experience in the electrics industry. Simply enroll yourself today onto one of our specialist HVAC Training in Dubai.

We have constructed this program with the aim to help professional engineers within the field of air conditioning. This course will also be highly useful to individuals dealing with HVAC products. It will include a mixture of theory and practical study.

Studying HVAC design with Arabian Infotech

Arabian Infotech have a dedicated team of experienced professionals, who have been committed to helping people build promising careers for more than 18 years.

Our MEP, HVAC Training in Dubai have proven to be highly effective in the past, teaching professionals effective skills in operation, design and drafting. Upon the completion of the program, participants are skilled in the following areas:

  • Heat Load Calculation
  • Ventilation Criteria
  • Classification and selection of air handlers
  • Duct system design
  • Chilled water piping design
  • Types of building Systems
  • Criteria for Equipment selection
When undergoing HVAC training in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you will focus on various types of building systems, including constant and variable volume; vapour compression refrigeration cycle; centrifugal and absorption chillers etc. Sections that will be covered throughout HVAC design
  • Details on equipment selections
  • Primary – secondary variable systems
  • Sizing of stairwell pressurization fan
  • ASHRAE Standards
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