Leadership & Management

Leadership and management training is a crucial investment for successful organizations. Leaders inspire and motivate the workforce, while managers plan, organize, and coordinate projects.

How will I benefit ?

After the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the links and differences between management and leadership
  • Understand how personal values and organisation values can affect each other
  • Identify and understand leadership styles that may be applicable when achieving organisational values
  • Consider what contribution you make as a leader when creating the organisational vision and communicating it to others
  • Understand how empowerment, trust and ethical leadership impact on an organisation and its employees
  • Explore how personal energy, beliefs and positive commitment can impact on your leadership style
  • Understand how different leadership styles can have an impact on achieving organisational objectives

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How To Apply

For admission related queries, please contact

Ms. Jona
Director – Admissions

Suite 503, Fifth Floor,
Al Musalla Towers, Bank Street,
Dubai – UAE. PO Box 52019


+971 4228 1166,   +971 4393 3268



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