Risk Management

This intensive course look in detail at the tools, processes and frameworks used in operational and strategic risk management. Our courses are all highly interactive, giving you the greatest impact in the time available. Our institute recognizes demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the specialized area of assessing and identifying project risks while mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities. It demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in all areas of managing risks, hazards, and exposures.

Purpose and objective of risk management training

The purpose of risk management training is to raise basic awareness of risk management concepts and mechanisms, to enable participants to identify and manage risks in their own units and to strengthen project management through adequate forward planning of potential risks. The training module on risk management introduces the definition of risk and the purpose of risk management and discusses steps towards the effective management of risks. The course goes beyond the provision of generic tools and extends to re-visiting elements of organizational culture, decision making and situational awareness. Practice case studies and exercises are proposed at the end of the training session, and participants are requested to undertake a mock risk analysis using the methodology described in the module.

By the end of the training session, participants should be able to:

  • Understand how risk management affects decision-making
  • Conduct a risk analysis by drawing up a risk profile and using a risk matrix;
  • Identify risks/uncertainties to achieving a set of objectives and expected results
  • Prioritize these uncertainties and
  • Decide how to act on the uncertainties within the framework of project planning

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