Time & Stress Management

This program will guide you on the fundamentals of time management: understanding the value of time, balancing work and home, eliminating stress, and much more.

This course supports you with optimising your effort to ensure your time and energy is concentrated on high-payoff activities. It also helps you understand the drivers of stress, its links with time management, and how you can help yourself and others cope in periods of high pressure. This course offers an insight into work-related stress: the causes and effects. Stress management in the workplace requires more than just helpful tips. 

How will I benefit ?

After the course you will be able to:

  • Identify how you currently allocate your time and that of your team
  • Take control of your time in a more positive way 
  • Use a variety of reflection & prioritisation tools 
  • Develop strategies for reducing ‘time stealers’
  • Appreciate the link between stress and time management
  • Prevent and manage stress using a number of techniques

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How To Apply

For admission related queries, please contact

Ms. Jona
Director – Admissions

Suite 503, Fifth Floor,
Al Musalla Towers, Bank Street,
Dubai – UAE. PO Box 52019


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