The masters of many automated programmable controllers PLCs are outstandingly practical and more than often used in today’s industry. Most businesses use PLC when they require accurate but flexible over all coordinate inputs and outputs. PLCs are found in pharmaceutical production, traffic signals and occasionally theme park attractions, amongst many others.

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Arabian Infotech PLC training program is designed to equip the novice with no prior PLC programming experience with the basic tools necessary to create a complete PLC Program using ladder logic common to most current platforms. We provide practical and knowledgeable advice from highly qualified tutors and experienced professionals. Who can help you to learn PLC in Dubai.

This course analyzes the various design elements & will go through an entire working PLC program and HMI line be line to solidify comprehension of the learning objectives. PLC TRAINING IN Dubai covers many aspects of PLC such as,

  • Design electrical control system design for industrial projects.
  • Sample industrial PLC projects simulation with TIA portal software.
  • Automatic Motor Control Circuit designing using Ladder Logic.
  • Detail study of Siemens PLC Ladder logic programming with examples.
  • Relay Logic Control & Interlocking Control Circuits.
  • Link between mechanical Electrical and programming documentation.
  • Installation and troubleshooting sensors wired as sinking or sourcing current-
  • Sensing elements like pressure transmitter,level transmitters,flow
  • Transmitters,motorized vales, Temperature transmitter etc..
  • Study how to design HMI screen and how it works with PLC

PLC Automation & Scada Training Courses

To ensure that all the information fed to the data collection network is 100% accurate, production counts and operating efficiency must be properly processed. There is many different aspects and trade-offs between hardware and software results. It takes an expert engineer with years of experience to guarantee the final outcome is both safe and adequate. 

The areas covered throughout this course include:

  • Hardware components
  • Wiring of different Field device to PLC (I/O)
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • PLC Scada & Automation
  • Information on Siemens PLCs communication with other devices
  • Including a number of other advanced & detailed topics.

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Study at our local institute we bring knowledge to you. Your options when applying for a PLC training courses in Dubai are far from limited. We believe in making life easy for all, that’s why you can simply register and enrol with us on our website today. At Arabian InfoTech we can help you to become more successful & knowledgeable in your profession. For more information about are PLC courses in Dubai email us at –