Plumbing Design

For students and professionals who need to add plumbing expertise to their engineering credentials, this training provides a thorough introduction to every aspect of plumbing systems design .

Upon completion of the program, students have mastered the following

  • Pressurized water distribution systems.
  • Water chemistry and treatment.
  • Hot and cold water distribution.
  • Valves and fixture.
  • Nature gas distribution.
  • Building drainage system.
  • Storm water drainage.
  • Sanitary waste disposal.

Plumbing System Design – Level 01

Learn the fundamentals of pressurized water distribution systems for commercial and residential high –rise buildings, Topics include pressure flow equations ,friction, mechanical pumping, cold water distribution, backflow prevention ,applicable codes and their use ,and system selection.

Plumbing System Design – Level 02

Understand the fundamentals of sanitary and storm drainage system design for commercial and residential high – rise building. This course includes coverage of laboratory healthcare acid waste and drainage systems: piping materials: hangers and storm flow :venting: indirect waste: laboratory waste: piping materials: hangers and supports for drainage piping: ejector and sump pump design : site drainage design :storm water detention systems: grease, Oil, and sediment interceptors: and acid waste neutralization. Gain an overview of advanced technologies related to sanitary and storm water system, such as grey water and black water system and storm water reuse system and filtration.

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For admission related queries, please contact

Ms. Jona
Director – Admissions

Suite 503, Fifth Floor,
Al Musalla Towers, Bank Street,
Dubai – UAE. PO Box 52019


+971 4228 1166,   +971 4393 3268


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