Topics to be discussed

Art of Conceiving SLD with preliminary data considering technical and commercial aspects

  • Identifying the voltage levels for the plant
  • Identifying the  substation /switchgears and locations
  • Identifying transformer MVA , voltage ratio, %Z  ratings
  • Detecting Earth fault in LV System
  • Basic calculation for short circuit powers and voltage dip .


Selection of  Switchgears

Identifying the Type of Switchgear requirement

Ø  Motors

Ø  Transformers

Ø  Capacitors

Ø  Generator

Ø  Cables


Classification of Switchgear( As per IEC 62271-200)

Ø  Accessibility

Ø  Loss  of Service continuity

Ø  Type of Barriers

Ø  Internal Arc Classification


Operating Parameters of MV Switchgear

Ø  Rated Voltage

Ø  Impulse Voltage

Ø  Power Frequency Voltage

Ø  Short Time Withstand Current

Ø  Peak Withstand Current

Ø  Minimum Short Circuit Current


Selection of  Switchgear Components and its functions

Ø  Disconnector

Ø  Earthing Disconnector

Ø  Switch

Ø  Disconnector Switch

Ø  Circuit Breakers

Ø  Contactors

Ø  Fuse


Selection of Instrument Transformers for Protection and Metering

Ø  Current Transformers

Ø  Voltage Transformers

Ø  Low power Current Transformers

  • Accessibility and Service Continuity of switchgears
  • Identifying Dielectric Withstand and Protection
  • Graphical Symbols of Switchgear Components


Substation Design

Basics of Substation Design

Ø  Substation Arrangement

Ø  Substation Type

Ø  Substation Equipment

Ø  Substation Layouts


Selection of Protection Philosophy           

Ø  LV Motor feeders

Ø  LV Outgoing feeders

Ø  LV Transformer feeder

Ø  LV Incomer feeder

Ø  LV Bus coupler feeder

Ø  MV Motor feeders

Ø  MV Tie feeders

Ø  MV Transformer feeder

Ø  MV Incomer feeder

Ø  MV Bus coupler feeder

Ø  Auto Changeover Philosophy


  • Substation Communication Protocol
  • Identifying the needs of Intelligent Relays
  • ANSI Codes for Protection.
  • Any other relevant topic


 SLD Review and Interlocks for Switchgear

  • Review  of Single Line Diagram and Protection Metering Diagrams.
  • Safety interlocks between switchgears.
  • Safety and operation consideration for control voltage distribution.
  • Safety and operation consideration in UPS and battery/battery charger system

When and where

  • HIGH VOLTAGE Design- Dubai 2019
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Friday, June 14, 2019 to July 12, 2019 - Total 5 Friday's
  • From 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • @ Arabian Infotech Training Institute, Dubai, UAE