Advanced Control Technician Course Dubai

Getting professional electrical controls and power systems technician training in the UAE from a top institute will help improve your career in electrical industrial service. Arabian Info-Tech is a leading education institute offering a comprehensive electrical control technician & VFD Training courses in Dubai to help electrical workers improve their skills in power and controls areas. Our well-designed electrical training courses will provide in-depth knowledge and essential skills for performing electrical work of industrial higher end application as well as maintain power-system of commercial buildings and plants etc. Our technical training courses will help you become an expert in performing electrical building services such as control panel wiring, maintenance, troubleshooting ATS Panels, VFD, Motors, Industrial motors, Relays, electrical safety testing, and more.

Our certified electrical control technician training course is a perfect combination of insightful control engineering theory lessons and informative practical learning to help technicians or certified electricians excel in control engineering services. With live practical sessions, we ensure you get hands-on experience to perform electrical control repairs, panel wiring, through our control panel training course in the UAE. You will be able to improve your quality of work and gain career growth as a professional advanced electrical technician.

Courses parameters

Duration 6 weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Sundays
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Course Outline Simplified

Control and Power Systems Technician Training - Practical

We will offer specialized control panel, motors and VFD technician training to properly understand and maintain electrical power systems found in industrial applications.

  • Electrical Safety and Hazards, Introduction to control & power systems and components
  • Control wiring and testing tools, study Components wiring & power up
  • Functionality, Status & Troubleshooting
  • Panel wiring practical, VFD, Motors
  • Interlocks and condition based wiring, Timer condition, Controller Conditions
  • Electrical drawing based wiring and wiring for different sensors
  • Test