Advanced Electrical Technician Course Dubai

Getting professional electrical technician training in the UAE from a top institute will help improve your career in electrical service. Arabian Info-Tech is a leading education institute offering a comprehensive electrical technician course in Dubai to help electrical workers improve their skills. Our well-designed electrical training courses will provide in-depth knowledge and essential skills for performing electrical work of residential units as well as maintain power-system of commercial buildings. Our technical training courses will help you become an expert in performing electrical building services such as electrical installation work, maintenance work, electrical safety testing, and more.

Our certified electrical technician training course is a perfect combination of insightful electrical theory lessons and informative practical learning to help technicians or certified electricians excel in electrical services. With live practical sessions, we ensure you get hands-on experience to perform electrical repairs, commercial wiring, through our electrical maintenance training course in the UAE. You will be able to improve your quality of work and gain career growth as a professional electrical technician.

Courses parameters

Duration 6 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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Electrical Technician Training Syllabus

We have developed an inclusive electrical maintenance technician course syllabus to award you proper certification in the electrical-engineering field. From fundamentals of electrical room, to various electrical appliances used in electrical building services, we cover everything in our professional electrician training sessions. Our technical training program includes details on electrical system inspection, maintenance, assembling and safety measures.

Electrical Systems Introduction

In the initial sessions of our electrical technician course, you will learn about the basic universal rules for safety, electrical system dangers and more.

  • Basic Electrician Theory Classes
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Electrical Safety Training
  • Sample of wiring Diagram
  • Concept of Distribution Board and Transformer

Residential Electrician Training - Practical

We will offer specialized residential electrical technician training to properly understand and maintain electrical power systems found in residential areas and buildings.

  • Domestic Electrical Installations
  • Domestic Lighting Circuitry
  • Electrical Circuit Installations
  • Demo on Electrical Wiring Layout
  • Electrical House wiring Accessories
  • Fault-finding in-House wiring
  • Wire size and MCB/Isolator selection for House wiring

Basic Industrial Electrical – Practical

As electrical distribution systems in industries are different and more complex, our electrical technician course will introduce you to these sophisticated electrical circuits and their various components.

  • Cable Glanding and Termination
  • Earthing Grounding and Bonding
  • Three Phase Motor Starter Control Wiring-DOL
  • Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Energy Meter Connections
  • Schematic Drawing for Low Voltage Panel
  • Working on LV Panel and its Component selection
  • Low Voltage Power Distribution and Control Cables usage
  • Basic Electronic Components and its Uses

Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipment/Installations

All of our electrical technician course students will be able to learn about the varied electrical products, tools, instruments, machinery and correct electrical testing methods.

  • Different type of Electrical Tools
  • Testing of RCCB/ELCB
  • Insulation Resistance Testing of Cabling
  • Testers and Results Interpretation
  • Basic Electronic Components and its Uses

Awareness of Regulations

Our electrical technical training courses will also familiarize licensed electricians with the various government rules and criteria to ensure proper compliance with these regulations.

  • DEWA Requirements
  • ADDC requirements

Basic Electrical Q&A

Basic question and answer session to test the knowledge of the students.

Why Choose Our Electrical Technician Training Course Dubai?

Our extensive team of expert instructors and training professionals has established a leading electrical maintenance technician training institute in the UAE. With flexible sessions and easily understandable lessons on home electrical services or commercial electrician, we help you advance your knowledge and increase your scope of employability. By choosing our electrical technician course, you get the following benefits:

  • Assistance from qualified professionals
  • Quality study materials, manuals and more
  • Practical electrical training sessions
  • Proper certification for local electricians
  • Introduction to modern electrical tools and techniques
  • Electrical technician course developed as per DEWA standards