Professional ELV Technician Course

Arabian Info-Tech is a leading provider of certified extra low voltage training in Dubai. Our ELV technician course and Fiber Splicing Training in Dubai has been developed considering all the technical and inspection skills that any professional needs in the electrical field. From deep electrical circuit diagnosis, electrical repairs, calibration to preventative maintenance, the students are acquainted with every aspect of any extra low voltage system. Our team of qualified tutors have long experience in the industry.

With flexible schedules and well-designed modules, we make the entire extra low voltage training and Fiber Splicing Training course convenient for the students in Dubai. Through a comprehensive ELV technician course, we aim to train all the engineers with the latest CCTV systems, cabling, access control systems and other technologies used in the industry. Improving your skills and knowledge with our certified course will help you achieve professional growth as an ELV technician and Fiber Splicing Training in Dubai.

Courses parameters

Duration 6 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Training Syllabus

Our ELV technician course is well-structured, including basics to advanced knowledge related to electrical works. Classified into different modules, the course will introduce you to various extra low voltage electrical systems such as CCTV, access control Fiber Splicing Training in Dubai and more. The in-depth theoretical lessons followed by practical sessions helps reaffirm the students’ knowledge.

CCTV Systems

Beginning from the inception of CCTV surveillance to various modern CCTV systems, this is a comprehensive and detailed module. Our ELV technician course students will be introduced to the various components, connections, cabling and maintenance required for any CCTV surveillance system in Dubai.

Video Surveillance Introduction

  • Evolution Of CCTV System
  • Know-hows

Types Of CCTV System– IP And Analog

  • Different Type Of Cameras
  • Difference Between Analog And Digital Systems
  • Type Of Cable Used
  • Connection And Testing Methods
  • Resolution And Angle Of View Setting
  • NVR And DVRS, Configuration Steps
  • Trouble Shooting And Maintenance Guidelines
  • Hands-on Experience

Structured Cabling System

As proper cabling plays an essential role in maintaining the extra low voltage systems, the students will be introduced to different cable types, selection of right cabling systems and various testing methods through our training sessions.

  • Structured Cabling System Introduction
  • Architecture Of Structure Cabling System
  • System Components
  • Types Of Connectors
  • Types Of Cat Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables Introduction
  • Fiber Splicing Practice
  • Testing Methods
  • Maintenance And Trouble Shooting

Access Control System

The prevalence of access control systems across residential and commercial spaces makes it necessary to be included in the extra low voltage training we offer in Dubai.

  • Introduction To Access Control
  • Types Of Cards
  • Type Of Input Output Devices
  • Controllers And Connection Details
  • Types Of Magnetic / Electric Locks
  • Door Schedules
  • Integration With Other Systems
  • Connection Of Devices
  • Maintenance And Trouble Shooting
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Testing Procedures

Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Alarm System Introduction
  • Types Of Fire Alarm System
  • Detectors, Call Points, And Other
  • Connected Devices
  • Connection Of devices
  • Introduction To Modules – Interface
  • Functions Of Devices
  • Input And Output Controls And Logic
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation Guidelines
  • Testing Procedures

Public Address And AV Solutions

  • Introduction Of Public Addressing System
  • Different Parts Of Public Addressing System
  • Amplifiers And Controllers
  • Types Of Speakers
  • Mixing Amplifiers And Microphones
  • 100v Technology
  • Wiring And Connection Details
  • Troubleshooting And Maintenance
  • Testing Procedures

Emergency Lighting System

  • Introduction To Emergency Lighting
  • System
  • Types Of Emergency Lighting System
  • Connection Details
  • Troubleshooting And Maintenance
  • Procedure
  • Modules And Panels Used
  • Testing Procedures