Professional HVAC Technician Training Courses Dubai

Arabian Info-Tech offers a certified HVAC technician course in the UAE. Our HVAC course will help you gain all the foundation knowledge and advanced technical skills you require to become an HVAC expert and handle modern heating and cooling systems. With flexible timing, weekday and weekend classes, we ensure that you can learn according to your schedule and comfort. Our long industry experience as a professional education institute speaks for the quality of our HVAC training courses.

The growing industry and increasing job opportunities make HVAC courses a better opportunity to increase your employability. Our HVAC technician training has helped many air conditioning engineers and professionals start a blooming career or succeed in their existing roles as HVAC installers, AC service technicians or home air conditioning mechanics. With an affordable fee structure, we assure a high-quality technician training in Dubai at the best prices.

Courses parameters

Duration 6 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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HVAC Technician Training Syllabus

Through segmented and simplified lessons, we have developed a professional HVAC course that is easy to learn and understand varied heating system and air conditioning repair service. Our syllabus covers all the relevant topics based on the current industry requirements. Across this six-week course duration, you will be acquainted with all the basic as well as advanced knowledge about air conditioning equipment, residential HVAC emergency service, and more, which reliable HVAC technician courses must include.

HVAC Technician Course Outline

You will be introduced to the complex HVAC units and their parts, repair techniques, tools and other factors related to it through our technician training in Dubai.

  • Introduction to Air Conditioning System
  • Familiarizing Tools and Equipment
  • Safety Measures in Handling HVAC Equipment and Tools
  • Familiarizing Parts and Components in AC System

AC Inspection

During our HVAC technician course, we will teach you the professional way to inspect AC units to ensure effective maintenance of the air conditioning units to improve the indoor air quality.

  • Filter Checking
  • Refrigerant Pressure Checking with Gauge (R22 / R410A / R407)
  • Electric Components Evaluation (Capacitor / Electric Contactor)

AC Maintenance

As cleaning is a fundamental part of AC maintenance, the HVAC course will focus on the various components to be cleaned and the accurate techniques.

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Indoor and Outdoor Coil Cleaning
  • Gas Filling with Gauge
  • Contactor, Capacitor, Compressor, Blower Motor Replacement

AC Electrical Trouble Shooting

Our HVAC technician course also covers training for complex electrical works like load checking and proper wiring to ensure the efficiency of the HVAC system.

  • Capacitor Wiring
  • Contactor Wiring and Load Checking
  • Compressor Wiring
  • Indoor to Outdoor Load Evaluation

Compressor Replacement

HVAC installers need proper knowledge about compressors that is a prominent component of the AC unit. The course will make you familiar with various factors related to compressors.

  • Pre-testing and Evaluation of New Compressor
  • Brazing
  • Leak Checking
  • Gas Refill

Chilled Water FCU Maintenance

The HVAC technician training course in the UAE will also help you gain proper details of chilled water FCU refrigeration system to provide proper maintenance and repairs of this water-cooling system.

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Chilled Water Strainer Cleaning
  • Actual Water and Valve Package Checking and Replacement
  • Coil Temperature Checking
  • Insulation

HVAC Technician Course FAQs

What are the duties of a HVAC professional?

HVAC technicians perform maintenance and repair of air conditioning, ventilation, as well as heating systems. They offer proper maintenance of the HVAC systems that deal with the room temperature, humidity level, and air quality within any residential and commercial spaces.

Why should I go for HVAC repair training?

Our professional HVAC technician course in Dubai will aid you in being an expert with the technical skills that you need to ensure proper HVAC maintenance. HVAC courses in the UAE will provide practical experience and in-depth knowledge about the modern heating and air conditioning systems.

Who can take up the HVAC training in Dubai?

We offer HVAC courses to beginners as well as professionals in the industry who want improve their expertise in HVAC installation, service of central air conditioning and refrigeration system and more. Individuals who want to become a HVAC service technician or other professionals with HVAC responsibilities can take up this course.

Will I get a certificate after completing the HVAC technician training in the UAE?

Our HVAC training courses are certified and recognized in the UAE. After successful completion of the HVAC training course, you will receive a proper certification for the same. This certification will establish you as a certified AC repair technician and make you an expert in servicing home or commercial heating system, or air conditioner repair, and more.