Certified Plumbing Technician Training Course UAE

In order to be a professional plumber in Dubai, you need to have the essential skills and technical expertise to perform industrial, commercial, or house plumbing works efficiently. Arabian Info-Tech Plumbing technician training program can help plumbers learn and improve their knowledge about plumbing and heating systems, pipes and fittings, and other concepts related to the water distribution system. Our plumbing course will get you acquainted with the latest water-line plumbing fittings, pipe-cutter technologies to handle the works more confidently.

Right from the correct material selection, such as pipe sizes to complex plumbing fixtures and soldering procedures, we cover all aspects that an expert plumber requires in the market. With advanced technical knowledge and proper plumbing certification, you will be able to stay ahead in terms of employability. Our six-week-long professional plumbing technician training course is offered with flexible hours and reasonable fees to allow the students to learn at their convenience.

Courses parameters

Duration 6 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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Plumbing Technician Course Outline

Our team of expert tutors from the industry will start with the basic principles involved in plumbing and move further to modern solder, weld, pipe coupling, pipe repair and fixture installation. The complete plumbing technician training curriculum also consists of an introduction to the heating pipe and sewer pipe maintenance works. Here’s a brief of all the topics covered under our plumbing course:

Plumbing Systems Introduction

Initially, the students will be introduced to fundamentals for understanding the plumbing pipe, waste-water pipes and heating pipe systems. It also includes ethical principles and safety measures that every plumbing technician should know.

  • Introduction to the plumbing system and drainage systems
  • Duties and responsibilities of professionals of a different class
  • Workmanship and work ethics
  • Plumbing repair and drainage activities
  • Study of shop drawings
  • Health and safety

Plumbing Work Categories

Further, the training course includes lessons on inspection and maintenance of hot-and-cold water systems and wastewater drain systems.

  • Cold water systems piping installation
  • Hot water supply piping installation
  • Condensate drain pipe installation
  • Plumbing accessories, gate valves, check valves, float valves, non-return valves, faucets
  • pressure-reducing valves, balancing valves
  • A requirement of pipe insulation
  • Drainage piping system - Above ground and underground piping systems
  • Accessories – Floor traps, gulley traps, vent cowls, manholes, benching, backdrops installation

Materials Selection

In this module of our plumbing technician training course, the students will understand and learn to use all the modern plumbing tools, component, products and machinery available in the industry.

  • Selection of plumbing piping materials – Polypropylene / High-Pressure uPVC
  • Pipe/High-Density polyethylene / cross-linked polyethylene
  • Selection of pipe-fitting – Elbows / Tees / Unions / Nipples / reducers.
  • Selection of Drainage piping materials – Above ground and underground pipes / uPVC pipes / HDPE Pipes
  • Selection of types of insulation – Elastomeric insulation / Fiberglass insulation
  • Cladding sheets
  • Threaded and flanged fittings
  • Vibration isolators
  • Familiarisation and usage of Plumbing and drainage machinery as listed below:
  • PPR Machines
  • HDPE Welding process – Butt Welding and electrofusion welding
  • Cutting and chipping tools

Installation Of Systems

The students will be trained to professionally install all forms of pipe and fittings involved in any plumbing system to be properly operational without leaking.

  • Types of uPVC pipe joining methods – Glued pipe joint / Push-fit joints with supports
  • Polypropylene plastic pipes installation with supports
  • PEX pipes installation with conduits
  • HDPE pipes installations with supports
  • Floor traps connections/ Manholes connections
  • Checking of invert levels
  • Installation of Pumps - Booster Pumps/ Transfer Pumps/Sump Pumps
  • Installation of pipe insulation

Installation Of Sanitary Wares

You will also be taught the correct procedures and plumbing techniques to install various traditional and modern sanitary ware products perfectly.

  • Water Closet
  • Wash Basin
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Kitchen Sink

Testing And Commissioning

Our plumbing technician training also includes sessions on professional testing of pressurized pipe systems, compression fitting and other components to ensure proper water-flow with no leaks.

  • Pressure testing of water pipes
  • The requirement of pressure gauges and selection of testing pressure
  • Gravity testing of drainage pipes
  • Leak testing of drainage water lines

Awareness Of Regulations

We will also get you acquainted with all the prescribed rules and governmental guidelines that every plumber needs to comply with.

  • Dubai Municipality Regulations and requirements
  • DEWA Requirements
  • International Plumbing codes and BS12056 -2

Why Choose Our Plumbing Technician Course Dubai?

Being a reliable and professional training educational institute in the UAE, we ensure quality training in complete plumbing works. By understanding current industry requirements, we have developed an inclusive technician training program to help professionals enhance their existing skills and knowledge.

  • No requirement of prior plumbing qualification
  • Expert trainers and tutors
  • Flexible plumbing technician training
  • Simplified and comprehensible lessons
  • Quality plumbing technician course materials