Plumbing Technical Course Outline

Courses parameters

Duration 6 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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Plumbing Systems Introduction

  • Introduction to plumbing and drainage systems.
  • Duties and responsibilities of professionals of a different class.
  • Workmanship and work ethics.
  • Plumbing and drainage activities.
  • Study of shop drawings.
  • Health and safety.
Work Categories
  • Coldwater supply piping installation.
  • Hot water supply piping installation.
  • Condensate drains pipe installation.
  • Plumbing accessories, gate valves, check valves, float valves, non-return valves,
  • pressure-reducing valves, balancing valves.
  • A requirement of pipe insulation
  • Drainage piping- Above ground and underground piping
  • Accessories – Floor traps, gulley traps, vent cowls, manholes, benching, back
  • drops installation
Materials Selection
  • Selection of plumbing piping materials – Polypropylene / High-Pressure uPVC
  • Pipe/High-Density polyethylene / cross-linked polyethylene.
  • Selection of pipe fittings – Elbows / Tees / Unions / Nipples / reducers.
  • Selection of Drainage piping materials – Above ground and underground pipes /
  • uPVC pipes / HDPE Pipes.
  • Selection of types of insulation – Elastomeric insulation / Fiberglass insulation
  • Cladding sheets.
  • Threaded and flanged fittings.
  • Vibration isolators.
  • Familiarisation and usage of Plumbing and drainage machinery as listed below
  • PPR Machines
  • HDPE Welding process – Butt Welding and electrofusion welding
  • Cutting and chipping tools.
Installation Of Systems
  • Types of uPVC pipe joining methods – Glued joints / Push-fit joints with supports.
  • Polypropylene pipes installation with supports.
  • PEX pipes installation with conduits.
  • HDPE Pipes installation with supports.
  • Floor traps connections/ Manholes connections.
  • Checking of invert levels.
  • Installation of Pumps - Booster Pumps/ Transfer Pumps/Sump Pumps.
  • Installation of pipe insulation.
Installation Of Sanitary Wares
  • Water Closet
  • Wash Basin
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Kitchen Sink
Testing And Commissioning
  • Pressure testing of pipes.
  • The requirement of pressure gauges and selection of testing pressure.
  • Gravity testing of drainage pipes.
  • Leak testing of drainage pipes.
Awareness Of Regulations
  • Dubai Municipality Regulations and requirements.
  • DEWA Requirements.
  • International Plumbing codes and BS12056 -2