STAAD Pro Training Course Dubai

Arabian Infotech offers outstanding training on the STAAD Pro course in Dubai. This application is used by structural engineers extensively. It helps both working professionals as well as students to enhance a career swiftly. Through this program, you will have training in designing Steel buildings, Warehouses and other utilities. STAAD Pro automates your job, as it eliminates the time consuming and monotonous phase involved when working manually. It teaches you the use of building materials such as steel, and concrete, amongst others.

Enroll yourself at our program to develop and gain valuable expertise. It also allows you to grow internationally, career-wise. Through this exceptional program, you learn and comprehend several practical applications covered in this field. STAAD Pro is useful for working & who want to shift into structural Field. It’s a 5-week program available during weekends and weekdays. By opting for this program at our training center in Dubai, you will be provided quality training. Give us a call today, to have yourself enrolled at our training center.

Why Opt to Undergo STAAD Pro Training

As an exceptional application worldwide, it holds the first position in supporting every international design code, including BS and ACI. They are broadly utilized by construction authorities, vendors/operators, structural engineering organizations and contractors, and government agencies. Through its robust modeling surrounding, eloquent data alliance, and modern qualities, engineers can efficiently work on analyzing and designing and structure. Get in touch with us through our live chat option, for further details on the STAAD Pro training program in Dubai.

Courses parameters

Duration 5 Weeks
Frequency Monthly
Days Weekend & Weekdays
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STAAD Pro Course Objective

Our comprehensive training program covers every aspect and technique involved in this field of study. We initiate its world-class user interface, design engines with a modern method of finite elements, innovative and robust analytical capabilities, and visualization tools. This effective program offers ample illustration of real structures to engineers with limited design experience, further allowing them to understand the application software and apply it to different structures.

Our Training Syllabus

  • Comprehend the use and purpose of Plane and Space Frame Analysis
  • Truss frame 2D modeling
  • Modeling 3D frame analysis
  • Differentiating between the statically determinate structure and indeterminate structure
  • Be acquainted with STAAD editor to build the 2D truss and 3D frame
  • Learn the short cut tools to check the structural model
  • Modeling a steel plate and checking stress ratio accordingly.
  • Comprehend various support systems
  • Benefits of simple support and fixed support
  • Warehouse modeling
  • Office building modeling
  • Mono-pitched roof modeling
  • Tie-beam 3D steel structural modeling
  • Adding a mezzanine floor to the 3D structured model
  • Allocating various types of support
  • Assigning steel section sizes per the design requirements and principles
  • Changing the structural steel section axis following the design requirements and principles
  • Building multiple loads for the structure
  • Comprehend the code of practice for imposed loads
  • Comprehend seismic force application
  • Comprehend wind force application
  • Comprehend load combination as per the British standard, American standard and UBC code
  • Comprehend moment end release and beam end release
  • Assigning various types of loads
  • Applying moment connection
  • Comprehend design parameters before running an analysis
  • Extract the base reaction from the 3D steel structural model
  • Extract the shear force and bending moment from the fundamental element
  • Design various foundation types
  • Design the streel structure considering the Codel recommendation.
  • Comparison of the actual program drift and the codel provision