HVAC TECHNICIAN TRAINING - 5 Weeks Practical Program


1.  Introduction to Air Conditioning System

 a.            Working of AC systems

b.            Type of AC systems

c.            Functions of AC systems

d.            Maintenance requirements of AC systems


2. Familiarizing Tools and Equipment’s

a.         Thermometers/ psychrometers

b.            Manifold gauges, vacuum pumps

c.            Balometers , anemometers


3. Safety Measures in Handling Tools and Equipment’s

 a.         Personnel protective equipments

 b.            Standard working safety standards


4.  Familiarizing Parts and Components in AC System

 a.         Motors and blowers.

 b.         Pre filters, Bag Filters.

 c.         Cooling coils, motorized valves, two way valves, three way valves & pressure independent valves.


5.  AC Inspection

a.     Filter Checking.

b.     Refrigerant Pressure checking with manifold gauge.

c.     Electric component evaluation.

d.     Condensate drains blockages.

e.     Control valves and thermostats

f.      Blower / motor shaft noise checking


6. AC Maintenance

a.     Filter Cleaning.

b.     Outdoor unit condenser coil cleaning.

c.     Refrigerant top up and filling using manifold gauge.

d.     Contactor, capacitor, compressor, blower and motor replacement.

e.     Thermostat wiring checking and fan speed control checking.

f.     Duct / diffuser noise checking.


7. AC Trouble Shooting

a.     Leak from the condensate drain pan.

b.     Cooling issues.

c.     Capacitor wiring.

d.     Contactor wiring and load checking

e.     Compressor wiring

f.      Indoor to outdoor load evaluation

g.     Compressor replacement

h.     Pre testing and evaluation of new compressor

i.       Brazing in the copper pipes

j.       Gas leak checking

k.     Gas refilling and top up.


8.  Chilled Water system Maintenance

a.         Fan coil units Filter Cleaning

b.         Chilled Water Strainer Cleaning

c.         Actuator Motor and Valve Package Checking and Replacement

d.         Coil Temperature Checking

e.         Chilled water pipes Insulation & cladding.

f.          Chilled water pumps pressure, strainer, valves checking

g.         Checking of differential pressure switches and variable speed controls.

h.         Chiller plant manager system monitoring

i.           Thermometers, pressure gauges readings.

j.           Chiller (air cooled) maintenance, compressors, coils, condensers

k.         Energy meters monitoring (Btu meters, KWh meters)


9. Ventilation system Maintenance

a.         Checking of ventilation fans, performance, alignment, electrical wiring.

b.         Maintenance of electro static precipitators, carbon filters.

c.            Checking of pressure switches, pressure relief valves, smoke ventilation    systems.